Getting a New BTS Card

Recently I purchased a BTS CD online and after waiting a couple of weeks, it finally arrived from Korea. Each CD came with a random photocard of one of the BTS members, and I was hoping to get my favorite member. When I opened the CD case, I was a little disappointed because I wanted V, but I got another member instead. The website I ordered it from didn’t allow returns on opened products, so I couldn’t just exchange it for another one. Even if I did, there was no guarantee the new CD I got would come with the photcard I wanted.

I looked at an auction site to see if any other people were selling photocards for V. There was one card for V in stock, but it was set at a higher price than the other cards available, and it had an expensive shipping price to go with it. This person was clearly out to make a profit from the card. I waited a few days to see if anyone else would put another card up for auction. Later in the week I checked again and someone else had created a new listing for a V card, this time with a better price and free shipping.

I bought the card from the new listing and played the waiting game all over again. It took only four days for the card to come, and it came in a protective case to keep it from getting damaged during shipping. For things like these, I tend to display them in my room on a shelf, but sometimes I’ll put them in a safe spot when I don’t want anything to happen. I can get a little clumsy some times and drop things when I don’t intend to do so at all.

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