Music Studios Policies vs. Indiscipline Students

Studio policies will make music studios run well. For example, the policy state that if students didn’t pay tuition fee at first lesson of the month, they must pay late fee. Then students will generally pay on time. Another policy, if students miss lesson without any notification, lesson can’t be made up. Then students will generally notify teachers if they can’t take lesson.

Unfortunately, it’s not always work well. The following examples show studio policies didn’t work for certain families. They decided to quit or didn’t mind to be penalized than followed the policies.
• Parents decided to quit than pay late fee although they have signed the agreement of studio policy.
• Parents didn’t mind to pay late fee so each month, their children still late in tuition payment.
• Parents asked their child to miss lessons without notifying teacher because they would go shopping and didn’t mind lessons couldn’t be made up.
• Student missed lessons without notifying teacher because traveled with friends and didn’t mind lessons couldn’t be made up.

As students/parents, we should care to our music teachers as we did to our best friends/families. The solution is only love and take care our teachers then we will appreciate and respect them automatically. Just do it from our heart!